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Defeat for Same-Sex Benefits

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Michigan appeals court says state ban on gay marriage also limits benefits public colleges can offer gay employees.

No Room for a Gay Group

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Hampton University denies recognition to a proposed student organization that says it wants to promote tolerance.

Christopher Newport Bars Anti-Gay Bias

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5-year campaign by students and professors leads board to expand equity policy -- and ignore Va. attorney general's recommendation.

Controversial Penn State Coach Resigns

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Women's basketball leader had success on court but was accused of repeated anti-lesbian bias.

A Way to Keep Domestic Partner Benefits

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In wake of court ruling blocking plans for same-sex partners, Michigan State shifts strategy.

Showdown on Partner Benefits

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Kentucky governor calls special legislative session in part to block universities from insuring gay employees' partners.

A Gay President Says 'I Do'

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Like many college leaders, Ralph Hexter opens up the presidential home each fall for a party for faculty and staff members. At a Tuesday evening garden party, Hexter told his guests that on September 1, he married his co-host for the event (and many such events at Hampshire), his partner of 27 years, Manfred Kollmeier.

When 'Not Gay' is 'Not OK'

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We come from old Virginia,
Where all is bright and gay.

Benefits for Pets, Not Partners

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College that declined to help employees with health insurance for same-sex partners adds assistance on health care for employees' dogs and cats.

Gender Status and Single-Sex Dorms

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Southern Utah U. requires transgendered student to have medical verification to live in men's facility. Is that a matter of courtesy to others or old-fashioned insensitivity?


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