Religious colleges

Sharing or Plagiarizing?

President of Saint Louis U. used material for his opening homily from one last year by president of U. of San Francisco.

'Evangelical Pruning' Ahead?

Ever since Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, educators at Roman Catholic colleges in the United States have been trying to figure out what his agenda would be for their institutions.

Georgetown's New Benefits for Gays

Gay and lesbian faculty and staff members at Georgetown University are saying a rhetorical "amen” to new guidelines that will provide health insurance for their same-sex partners, starting January 1. More and more colleges each year provide some benefits for gay professors’ partners, but the trend is notably less evident at Roman Catholic institutions, making Georgetown’s move significant.

Baylor Dismisses Gay Alumnus From Advisory Board

University had gladly accepted his donations of time and money, until now.

Belmont and Baptists Shift Relationship

University becomes latest to give up financial support so it can gain control of board appointments.

Baptists, Gays and Trustees

Disputes over colleges' policies on homosexuality reflect larger tensions over control of institutions.

Under the Robes of Clerical Education

Study finds seminaries of many faiths face new educational challenges -- and new diversity among students.

Dental Pain at Marquette

Faculty members call suspension of highly ranked student blogger at dentistry school a breach of ethics.

Strange Bedfellows?

Policy spurred by conflict over sleeping arrangements of gay instructor at U. of St. Thomas is affecting straight employees, too.

Tests of Faith

Wheaton of Illinois faces scrutiny for firing professor who became Catholic; Oklahoma Christian U. may fire those who divorce.


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