Religious colleges

A New Faith at Catholic Colleges

Muslim students arrive in significant numbers -- ready to engage in campus life while maintaining their own identities. 

The 'Vagina Monologues' Test

On Wednesday, the president of the University of Notre Dame issued a lengthy statement, arising out of a series of discussions with students and faculty members, about the nature of academic freedom at a Roman Catholic college.

Journalism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

North Central U. removes editors of paper in dispute over coverage of gay issues and speaking in tongues.

Following the Money

In church-state dispute, court says just because a university has spent federal grant doesn't mean it can't be forced to repay it.

A Costly Muhammad Cartoon

Administrator at Belmont University is out of a job after his political artwork gets attention.

Difficult Separation for Belmont

Inspired by long-lost document, Tennessee Baptists reject plan for independence; fight looms and could spread to other colleges.

Unfair Dismissals Found

Reviews by AAUP question treatment of professors at Greenville College and New Mexico Highlands University.

People of the Book (and the University)

Presidents, rabbis, activists and students gather to consider matters of faith and headline-grabbing controversies.

A Commencement Turns Ugly

Speaker at St. Thomas calls use of the pill "selfish," prompting some shocked students to walk out on their own graduation.

Less Leeway for Religious Colleges

U.S. appeals court ruling narrows an exception giving them broad latitude in labor decisions governing "ministerial" employees.


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