Religious colleges

People of the Book (and the University)

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Presidents, rabbis, activists and students gather to consider matters of faith and headline-grabbing controversies.

A Commencement Turns Ugly

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Speaker at St. Thomas calls use of the pill "selfish," prompting some shocked students to walk out on their own graduation.

Less Leeway for Religious Colleges

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U.S. appeals court ruling narrows an exception giving them broad latitude in labor decisions governing "ministerial" employees.

Column on Gay Marriage Prompts Dismissal

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Adjunct professor at Brigham Young loses his job for publicly contradicting views of church leaders.

Georgetown Rejects Evangelical Groups

Smart Title: 
Catholic university known for welcoming people of other faiths confronts Protestant divisions.

Oops, Never Mind, Appeals Court Says

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Federal panel reverses earlier ruling and upholds Gannon University's right under U.S. law to change a former minister's duties.

Cover-Up at Gonzaga U.

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President who left in 1969 had been told by police that he had 24 hours to leave town or face arrest over abuse allegations.

Wrestling With Ghosts From the Past

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A university defends decision to hire a vice president with sexual harassment charges (and a settled lawsuit) in his background.

Balance or Censorship?

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New policy on speakers at Boston College leaves some students and professors afraid that certain views will be squelched.

Branches in Different Time Zones

Smart Title: 
Why are private colleges in New Hampshire, Ohio and Texas thinking of setting up shop outside Phoenix?


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