Religious colleges

Peaceful End at Guilford?

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College judicial process has ended and court case might not proceed. Is apparent resolution to attack on Palestinians reflective of reconciliation?

Big Win for Religious Colleges

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California Supreme Court, in 4-3 split, reverses lower court rulings to allow bond sales on behalf of "pervasively sectarian" institutions.

Spring Arbor and Transgender Dean Settle

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Christian university resolves discrimination complaint by former associate dean who says gender identity led to firing.

Christian College Grows Roots Abroad

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Russian-American Christian University shows both the promise and challenge of foreign expansion.

A Case Study in Case Studies

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Brigham Young's Idaho campus plans to use Harvard Business School's famous curricular method to reform its own curriculum.

When Policies Don't Mesh

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Spring Arbor University, an evangelical Christian institution that recently made headlines for firing a transgender associate dean, withdrew Wednesday from a plan to offer courses at Lansing Community College’s new University Center because Spring Arbor could not sign on to the college’s non-discrimination policy.

How Sectarian Is Too Sectarian?

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Federal judge -- rejecting pleas from Colorado Christian U. and U.S. Justice Dept. -- upholds Colorado's limit on aid funds.

St. Andrews Faces Accreditation Loss

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Southern association moves to revoke small North Carolina college's approval and places four others on probation.

When Prayer Reaches the Locker Room

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Dispute on whether Iowa State's football team should have spiritual adviser raises issues of church and state at public universities.

Complicated Legal Win for Notre Dame

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Supreme Court voids appeals court decision that might have forced university to repay funds in church-state case.


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