Religious colleges

Spring Arbor and Transgender Dean Settle

Christian university resolves discrimination complaint by former associate dean who says gender identity led to firing.

Christian College Grows Roots Abroad

Russian-American Christian University shows both the promise and challenge of foreign expansion.

A Case Study in Case Studies

Brigham Young's Idaho campus plans to use Harvard Business School's famous curricular method to reform its own curriculum.

When Policies Don't Mesh

Spring Arbor University, an evangelical Christian institution that recently made headlines for firing a transgender associate dean, withdrew Wednesday from a plan to offer courses at Lansing Community College’s new University Center because Spring Arbor could not sign on to the college’s non-discrimination policy.

How Sectarian Is Too Sectarian?

Federal judge -- rejecting pleas from Colorado Christian U. and U.S. Justice Dept. -- upholds Colorado's limit on aid funds.

St. Andrews Faces Accreditation Loss

Southern association moves to revoke small North Carolina college's approval and places four others on probation.

When Prayer Reaches the Locker Room

Dispute on whether Iowa State's football team should have spiritual adviser raises issues of church and state at public universities.

Complicated Legal Win for Notre Dame

Supreme Court voids appeals court decision that might have forced university to repay funds in church-state case.

'Founded by Friends'

From Cornell University, which was always nonsectarian, to California’s Azusa Pacific University, which began as a Bible college, institutions with Quaker roots have grown in any number of directions.

Court Upholds Autonomy for Seminaries - Will Decision Help Diploma Mills Too?

Texas Supreme Court throws out state regulation of some religious institutions -- and some fear diploma mills will gain a new way to evade scrutiny.


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