Religious colleges

Church vs. Adjunct Union


A 1980 Supreme Court decision largely blocked the unionization of faculty members at private colleges and universities, based on the idea that they had so much power that they effectively were part of management.

The Catholicity Test

The occasional flaps between professors at Roman Catholic institutions and the bishops in their dioceses often hinge on whether allegiance to church orthodoxy trumps the free spirit of inquiry celebrated in academe. The church’s efforts to strike a balance between those two sometimes-competing values will soon be brought to the forefront again, as bishops begin a formal review of how well colleges are upholding their Catholic identities.

Accreditation Revoked

California's Compton Community College loses recognition over range of management issues.

Organizing Adjuncts at a Catholic College

NLRB ruling backs collective bargaining at Manhattan, rejecting claims that unionization would infringe on its religious identity.

Change of Heart at Belmont

Christian university, under fire over ouster of lesbian coach, amends its anti-bias policy to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Faith and the Baylor Board

World's largest Baptist university will allow up to one-fourth of its regents to be Christian non-Baptists.

College Yanks Courses by Gay Priest

Chestnut Hill, a Catholic institution, removes courses from adjunct, citing his relationship with a man.

Protection or Loophole?

Professor's case against a seminary challenges the use of "ecclesiastical abstention" to limit rights of faculty members to sue.

Faith Reconsidered

To enhance students' spiritual experiences, Elmhurst reconnects with its religious roots and Wagner expands beyond them.

Creation and Accreditation

A Seventh-day Adventist university in California must resolve a dispute about teaching evolution in its biology classes or risk losing its status with the church.


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