Religious colleges

Protection or Loophole?

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Professor's case against a seminary challenges the use of "ecclesiastical abstention" to limit rights of faculty members to sue.

Faith Reconsidered

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To enhance students' spiritual experiences, Elmhurst reconnects with its religious roots and Wagner expands beyond them.

Creation and Accreditation

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A Seventh-day Adventist university in California must resolve a dispute about teaching evolution in its biology classes or risk losing its status with the church.

End of the Road for Lambuth U.

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After a long struggle to survive, board announces that institution has run out of options. But Paul Quinn finds a path to survival with a new accreditor.

Fundamental Disagreements

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Several years after a faculty exodus from Louisiana College, a professor's ouster leads to a lawsuit and more debate about dissent.

Loss of Faith in Tenure

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Erskine president reverses faculty panel's recommendation to promote seminary professor. Did dispute with a church body play a role?

Socrates in Spanish

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Georgetown College in Kentucky will attempt what may well be a first: a postsecondary foreign language immersion option for its general education courses.

Adjuncts 2, Catholic Colleges 0

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NLRB's Chicago office finds that St. Xavier University isn't religious enough to bar a union for those who teach off the tenure track.

Emerging Solutions

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Planned consolidation of three Assemblies of God institutions will be eyed by religious colleges facing similar issues.


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