Religious colleges

Atheist, secular students becoming established on religious campuses

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Interfaith activists say some religious campuses are becoming more welcoming to atheist students, but there's still room for improvement.

Study shows students turn to riskier methods when insurance doesn't cover contraception

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Would students change sexual behavior if they had to pay more for birth control? The research says they would, but don't look for a wave of celibacy.

John Carroll U. faculty send letter supporting birth control compromise

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Professors at John Carroll University sign letter asking Jesuit university's president to "stand up to those who would play politics with women's health."

Mentorship a key role for Gordon College president

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Gordon College's president, having been shaped by mentors during his own rise, is now using his office to pay it forward.

Christian college presidents discuss what to do about sexuality

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A gathering of presidents from more conservative Christian colleges discusses what to do about controversies surrounding gay and lesbian students.

Catholic colleges urged to support undocumented students

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With no legislation on the horizon to clear a path for students in the U.S. illegally, Catholic colleges quietly step up efforts to support the undocumented.

Catholic colleges consider role of trustees

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With declining numbers of priests and nuns serving as presidents, the trustee role needs to change, Catholic college leaders are told.

Supreme Court upholds "ministerial exception"

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U.S. Supreme Court ruling may make it more difficult for some employees to sue religious colleges.


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