Religious colleges

Claremont Lincoln aims to train Christian, Jewish and Muslim clergy

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A United Methodist seminary establishes a new graduate university to train religious leaders of all faiths -- together.

Colleges Fail U.S. Financial Test

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Latest data from Education Department show scores of private institutions failing to meet disputed metrics aimed at measuring "financial responsibility."

Following Kia Across Georgia

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Atlanta Christian College is moving to the Alabama border, enticed in part by a manufacturing plant. The institution has also dropped "Christian" from its name, becoming Point University.

A Dissenter Is Fired

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Tenure, teaching awards and help from AAUP don't save job of Erskine professor who offends religious traditionalists.

Fall From Grace

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After months of tension, tenured religion professor -- who wrote about challenges science poses to literal reading of Genesis -- leaves Calvin College.

Where Trendy Is 17th Century

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"Classical Christian" colleges turn to the Great Books curriculum in order to advance a small but growing sector of higher education.

Blasphemy of a Different Kind

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After recording of private conversation reaches upper echelons of Adventist church, 3 La Sierra U. leaders and a controversial faculty member are forced to quit.

A Fight Over Fundamentalism

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Alumni and faculty members at Louisiana College are locked in a battle with trustees over the institution's future.

College and Baptists Split Over Gay Issues

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Virginia Baptists have severed ties to Averett University.

Lost Faith

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Two Davidson trustees -- including the college's most generous donor -- quit over board's decision to allow non-Christians to serve.


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