Religious colleges

Church, State and the Academic Pork Barrel

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A lawsuit challenges federal grants to an Alaska Bible college that primarily serves Native Americans.

Did SpongeBob Article Cost Professor a Job?

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Many at Hope College believe a popular faculty member was forced out because his views offended religious leaders.

Transition for Christian College Group

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Robert C. Andringa -- an influential figure in Washington higher ed circles -- announced plans to retire.

Lukewarm Welcome

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Boston College says it wants to have gay students and professors, but won't ban discrimination against them.

Separation of Church and Union

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The NLRB agreed to hear an appeal that could make it next to impossible for professors to bargain collectively at colleges with religious ties.

Pink Slips

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Grand Canyon University dismisses 17 professors -- including 5 with tenure -- drawing scrutiny from AAUP and an accreditor.

Baptists Win Fight Over Shorter

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Georgia Supreme Court rules that a college's board didn't have the right to sever ties to a religious group.

Discrimination, Yes, But What Kind?

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Saint Anselm fires a male employee who became a woman, prompting a lawsuit charging gender bias by the religious institution.

Outrage Over Ouster of Priests at Saint Louis U.

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Supporters of two clerics at Saint Louis University say they were forced to resign because they were too loyal to students.

Baptist Conventions 2, Colleges 0

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For 2d time in a month, a state court undercuts religious college's move toward more independence.


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