The Stuff Factor

Smart Title: 
Students, increasingly the target of retail marketing, are bringing more to their dorms.

Forget Friending -- Roommate Me

Smart Title: 
For the first time, incoming students at San Francisco State U. can select who they want to live with by searching online profiles.

YouTube Studies

Smart Title: 
Pitzer College class is both dedicated to and cataloged on the video-sharing Web site.

Sign of the Times?

Smart Title: 
Poster reading "$160,000" (and more) that appeared on several buildings at Brown is one student's commentary on campus life.

On YouTube, No Enrollment Caps

Smart Title: 
University of California at Berkeley expands the public reach of its courses in a new video portal with complete lectures, ready to be streamed.

How to Deal ... With Life

Smart Title: 
Vice is alive and well in the dorm. Now a group originating at Harvard Law School seeks to bring it into the teaching realm. Is poker a winning academic bet?

Sweetening the Deal

Smart Title: 
Study finds faculty can do more than teach well (think chocolate) to improve their score on student evaluations.

The Pilgrimage Home

Smart Title: 
Should colleges accept that classrooms will be empty today -- or try to keep students from starting Thanksgiving too early?

Spray-Painting Pynchon

Smart Title: 
Vandalism or clarion call? The University of California at Santa Barbara discovers a postmodern surprise all over campus after Thanksgiving break.

Back (or Forward) to School

Smart Title: 
Hoping to expose more people to campus and build up their donor base, colleges offer short academic programs for grandparents and their grandkids.


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