Sweetening the Deal

Smart Title: 
Study finds faculty can do more than teach well (think chocolate) to improve their score on student evaluations.

The Pilgrimage Home

Smart Title: 
Should colleges accept that classrooms will be empty today -- or try to keep students from starting Thanksgiving too early?

Spray-Painting Pynchon

Smart Title: 
Vandalism or clarion call? The University of California at Santa Barbara discovers a postmodern surprise all over campus after Thanksgiving break.

Back (or Forward) to School

Smart Title: 
Hoping to expose more people to campus and build up their donor base, colleges offer short academic programs for grandparents and their grandkids.

A New Campus, According to Ancient Principles

Smart Title: 
Maharishi U. is reconstructing its entire physical plant in line with the "nourishing" principles of Vedic architecture.

An Unlikely Dean

Smart Title: 
A Microsoft executive who had given up on plans for an academic career is chosen to lead Lawrence University's Conservatory of Music.

The Arrival of 'Merit-Blind Admissions'

Smart Title: 

Some Brown University mathematics professors were confused and dismayed this month to learn that the university planned to admit 20 percent of its next freshman class completely at random -- by putting names in a hat and drawing them out.

Closure in an Ethics Case

Smart Title: 
Southern Illinois professor who felt slighted by state's judgment that he finished a mandatory test too quickly says he feels vindicated by settlement.

Calling All Kids: Take Tough Courses

Smart Title: 
College access advertising campaign aims to encourage 8th through 10th graders to take on biology, foreign languages and algebra II.

Stripping His Way to a Ph.D.

Smart Title: 
Journalism professor's new book is a distinctly personal account of researching D.C.'s gay clubs.


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