Promoting Liberal Education

Presidents, provosts, deans and professors consider principles and data they need to promote their curricular ideals.

Crisis of Confidence

In unusually blunt session, academic leaders are warned that they need to change their language, political strategy and ideas.

Wyoming Toughens Up on Unaccredited

New law bars colleges from operating in the state without approval by agency recognized by U.S. government.

Helping Hand for Compton

A troubled California community college, on the verge of losing its accreditation, could be saved by a friend.

Fresh Approach to Accountability

Major public universities consider a new system for measuring and comparing quality in undergraduate education.

Law Deans Criticize Their Accreditor

Group seeks to force ABA to change standard requiring tenure or similar protection for clinical professors and librarians.

More Than a C- and a Heartbeat

Some community colleges believe that focus on retention sets bar too low -- and some long-accepted practices need rethinking.

A Spirited Disposition Debate

Education school accreditor to remove "social justice" from a list of terms used to describe desired teacher qualities.

Plan for New College Draws Scrutiny

Officials in Maine and North Carolina review proposals from group with close ties to philosophy of Ayn Rand.

To Report or Not to Report

In California, for-profit colleges and state officials fight over appropriate requirements for data on graduation and job placement.


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