Examining an Island Medical School

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After newspaper questions credentials of dean, officials in Caribbean plan to investigate.

Cracking Down on the Unaccredited

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With Mississippi and Alabama strengthening regulations, some for-profit institutions may soon find themselves with fewer potential homes.

The New Assessment Market

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Blackboard's push brings one of higher ed's biggest companies into new field -- welcome news for some, worrisome for others.

Another Front on Accreditation

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Continuing push on learning outcomes, Education Department plans formal negotiation to consider changes in federal rules.

California Regulatin'

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California has had anything but a proud history when it comes to monitoring its for-profit institutions. After all, this is a state that in the 1980s gained a suspect reputation as the “diploma mill capital of the world,” as a 2005 independent monitoring report points out.

U.S. Accreditation Official Out of a Job

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Sudden departure of head of federal office seen as evidence of aggressive political push by Education Department leaders.

A University Without Physics and Philosophy?

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Indiana State, citing accreditor's demand to end low-enrollment programs, draws criticism with its recommended choices.

Into the Lamb's Den

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Relations between the U.S. Education Department and college leaders have grown increasingly strained in recent weeks.

Catch-22 for Accreditors?

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Court ruling again blocks Southern association from punishing  a college, even while rejecting most of the college's claims.

Fault Lines on Accreditation

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As U.S. rule making panel begin its work, members skirmish over legal authority and learning outcomes.


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