U.S. Accreditation Official Out of a Job

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Sudden departure of head of federal office seen as evidence of aggressive political push by Education Department leaders.

A University Without Physics and Philosophy?

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Indiana State, citing accreditor's demand to end low-enrollment programs, draws criticism with its recommended choices.

Into the Lamb's Den

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Relations between the U.S. Education Department and college leaders have grown increasingly strained in recent weeks.

Catch-22 for Accreditors?

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Court ruling again blocks Southern association from punishing  a college, even while rejecting most of the college's claims.

Fault Lines on Accreditation

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As U.S. rule making panel begin its work, members skirmish over legal authority and learning outcomes.

When Is Student Learning 'Good Enough'?

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Almost from the beginning of its work, the Secretary of Education’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education made it clear that it considered the American system of higher education accreditation to be falling short of its mission to be the chief guardian of quality among the nation’s colleges.

Tussling Over Transfer of Credit

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Whether U.S. should require accreditors to monitor colleges' transfer policies divides nonprofit and for-profit agencies.

Pushback Against Perceived Power Grab

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Accreditors and colleges oppose Education Department's effort to ramp up federal oversight of quality control process. 

Drawing A Hard Line

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Accrediting groups give ground on reporting student learning outcomes -- but not enough to satisfy U.S. officials.

Explaining the Accreditation Debate

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Here's why the work of a U.S. panel reviewing federal rules on accreditation matters.


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