Dissent and a Disputed Phone Call

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As federal panel on accreditation deadlocks, U.S. official's late-night message to a member is seen as intimidation.

Stacking the Deck?

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Appointment of harsh critic to U.S. panel that reviews accreditors seen as part of broader effort to alter federal role in college oversight.

Threat to Tenure at Law Schools

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ABA is being pushed by some deans to stop regulating terms of employment as part of accreditation.

Back Off on Accreditation, States Urge U.S.

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State higher ed leaders endorse aims of federal rule making process, but discourage use of regulation to achieve them.

Key GOP Senator Warns Spellings

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Lamar Alexander, himself a former education secretary, vows legislation if department overreaches on accreditation.

The Next Frontier

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A standards-based peer review process for study abroad programs that looks a bit like accreditation (but isn't) prepares to launch.

Cranking Up the Pressure

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U.S. advisory panel on accreditation votes to strip recognition from New England vocational agency and takes harder line broadly.

Lack of Consensus on Lack of Consensus

Smart Title: 
U.S. negotiating session on accreditation ends in a whimper, with panelists not even agreeing to disagree.

Congressional Timeout for Spellings

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Spending bill passed by House panel would restrict Education Department from pursuing changes in federal accreditation rules.

Keeping Tenure Standards Alive

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Law school accrediting group can't agree on plan to end rules on terms of employment.


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