Studying Transfer of Credit, Take 2

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U.S. government approves revised survey designed to identify barriers that inhibit community college students' ability to continue their educations at other colleges.

Can Higher Education Regulate Itself?

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Amid "pause" in federal push to toughen oversight of campuses and accreditors, academic leaders begin discussion of how to persuade public (and elected officials) that colleges can govern themselves.

Encouraging Colleges to Look Within

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In challenge to rankings business, new data from National Survey of Student Engagement show variation in educational quality is more prevalent within institutions than between them.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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What happens when boards and presidents quickly fall out of love?

Fighting the Last War (and the Next One?)

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In unveiling agenda for negotiating rules to carry out the Higher Education Act renewal, Education Dept. prepares to renew key debates from contentious 2007 sessions.

Whither Accreditation?

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As accreditation council convenes agency officials and college leaders, they contemplate changes big and small -- including possibility of Congressional charter to recalibrate balance between federal and institutional roles.

Assuring Quality, Across Borders

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At international seminar, those charged with validating the quality of their nations' colleges discuss trends in accreditation, and a common scourge: degree mills.

Nonprofit Colleges as Takeover Targets

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Investors are buying traditional institutions -- but the hurdles, including "cultural risks," are many.

Back to Normal (Read: Boring)

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Unlike (relative) drama of 2007 negotiations over accreditation, panel now debating changes in federal rules focuses on the mostly mundane.

'Tuning' College Degrees

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In a major new effort to assure rigor and relevance for college degrees at various levels, three states are today formally launching a project aimed at “tuning” academic programs in six fields of study.


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