Warning on Tuition, Shift on Accreditation

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As House panel debates Higher Ed Act bill, lawmakers hammer home risk that rising prices could lead to further federal action. Plus a last-minute gambit on accreditation.

The Pendulum Swings on Accreditation

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Regional agencies and college groups spar over Higher Education Act provision on learning outcomes. Does the rift open the door to increased federal role?

Next Round of Accreditation Agitation

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As federal advisory panel prepares to review new crop of quality assurance agencies, a few signs suggest it may back down -- while others portend that U.S. pressure will intensify.

Rescue Mission or Hostile Takeover?

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Deal rescues Myers U., and leads to ouster of president who spent a day in jail as agreement was worked out.

Someone Didn't Get the Memo

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The federal panel that advises the U.S. education secretary on accreditation began its biannual meeting in Washington Tuesday, fighting perceptions that it has overstepped its bounds and hoping to ward off Congressional legislation that would reshape its membership and limit its authority.

Fundamental Differences

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Deliberations of federal advisory panel on accreditation reveal rifts among members on role and rigor of quality assurance system.

Accreditors as Federal 'Gatekeepers'

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Accreditation is often defined as the "voluntary" system of peer review by which higher education regulates itself. But there’s really nothing voluntary about it, some critics argue, given that colleges and universities must be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Education Department for their students to qualify for federal financial aid. In essence, if you want your students to receive federal student aid – and virtually all institutions do, and many would not survive without it -- you must be accredited.

New College of California Is on Deathbed

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Nontraditional institution appears to have run out of time and money -- and many there are preparing for the end.

A Little Help From Its Friends?

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18 months after finishing their work, individual members of the Spellings Commission may urge Congress to abandon plan to limit Education Department regulation of accreditation.

'Collective Sidestep' on Adjuncts

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Accreditors have many detailed rules that they expect colleges to meet -- requirements that relate to courses, faculties, facilities, money and more. But what about the use of adjunct faculty members -- an issue that is the subject of increasing debate in higher education? What have the accreditors said or done?


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