'Collective Sidestep' on Adjuncts

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Accreditors have many detailed rules that they expect colleges to meet -- requirements that relate to courses, faculties, facilities, money and more. But what about the use of adjunct faculty members -- an issue that is the subject of increasing debate in higher education? What have the accreditors said or done?

'Last Bite at the Apple' on Accreditation?

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A year after Education Secretary Margaret Spellings abandoned plans to propose new federal rules governing higher education accreditation, under heavy pressure from members of Congress, the Education Department is reportedly contemplating issuing such regulations when legislation to renew the Higher Education Act becomes law. That possibility is being met with astonishment by college leaders and many on Capitol Hill, who describe it as both practically difficult and politically foolhardy.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

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A college official charged with making sure faculty degrees are legitimate finds himself doubting the legitimacy of his own doctorate.

Diversity Meets Data at George Mason Law

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Statistics reveal a vastly greater academic failure rate among African-American versus other students, raising questions about ABA diversity standards and the effectiveness of outreach programs.

Southern Accreditor Places 4 Colleges on Probation

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Dillard, Louisburg, South Florida and Sherman College of Chiropractic sanctioned; Florida A&M and Criswell leave the list of punished colleges.

Foreseeing the Future of Accreditation

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With U.S. push for reporting of comparable learning outcomes stalled, is doomsday scenario of federal control still a legitimate threat?

Twisting in the Wind

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When a professor is sued for her scholarly writing, should a university defend her?

Putting the Community Into College

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Some two-year institutions are introducing capstone courses, long used at four-year liberal arts colleges, to culminate the community college experience.

'Emergency' Data Request Raises Suspicion

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Stymied in its efforts to alter federal laws and regulations to make it easier for students to transfer academic credits from one institution to another, the U.S. Education Department plans an "emergency" survey of federal Pell Grant recipients that seems designed to build a case that changes are necessary. The request has agitated some higher education officials, who questioned both the premise and the purpose of the department's information expedition.

From Assessment to Accreditation (Software Required)

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Panelists at Blackboard conference discuss how to marshal data from measurement tools to achieve notable outcomes -- like maintaining accreditation, for one.


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