Putting the Community Into College

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Some two-year institutions are introducing capstone courses, long used at four-year liberal arts colleges, to culminate the community college experience.

'Emergency' Data Request Raises Suspicion

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Stymied in its efforts to alter federal laws and regulations to make it easier for students to transfer academic credits from one institution to another, the U.S. Education Department plans an "emergency" survey of federal Pell Grant recipients that seems designed to build a case that changes are necessary. The request has agitated some higher education officials, who questioned both the premise and the purpose of the department's information expedition.

From Assessment to Accreditation (Software Required)

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Panelists at Blackboard conference discuss how to marshal data from measurement tools to achieve notable outcomes -- like maintaining accreditation, for one.

Could the Wrong Assessment Kill the Liberal Arts?

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Some critics say the Department of Education's push to test all colleges and universities with a standard set of learning outcomes is a bad idea for traditional academic studies.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Institutional researchers, champions of data-driven assessment, seek to balance interests of policy makers who often want facile, external measures -- and faculty who sometimes want none.

A Break From Purgatory, Barely

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Margaret Spellings gives partial relief to accreditor of liberal arts programs, allowing it to approve new colleges but extending its recognition for 3 (not 5) years, citing lingering concerns.

Awarding Degrees Without Permission

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How can a public university open a campus in another state and issue diplomas without the permission of its own board or accreditor?

Is There a Pharmacist in the House?

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In response to overwhelming demand for graduates, more institutions create pharmacy colleges.

Studying Transfer of Credit, Take 2

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U.S. government approves revised survey designed to identify barriers that inhibit community college students' ability to continue their educations at other colleges.

Can Higher Education Regulate Itself?

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Amid "pause" in federal push to toughen oversight of campuses and accreditors, academic leaders begin discussion of how to persuade public (and elected officials) that colleges can govern themselves.


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