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Basic Research and National Security

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A new report warns that declining funds for physics and engineering puts more than the U.S.'s economic status at risk.

In Search of 'Big Ideas'

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The meetings of the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education tend to make one's head hurt.

That's not a commentary on the quality of the ideas expressed (which, as for any committee of its type, run the gamut) but of their volume. With 20 commissioners and panel after panel of guest speakers offering their own views and recommendations and pet concerns, it sometimes seems as if the commission could spread itself too thin, or collapse under its own weight, by taking on too many issues in a scattershot way.

Blame It on the Faculty

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Higher ed commission's memo cites tenure and "extraordinary power" of professors as reasons why college costs soar.

Coalescing Around Concepts

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As U.S. higher ed panel takes first shot at setting goals, helping students tops the list, and accountability lags.

Will 'Voluntary' Accountability Work?

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As the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education wrapped up its fourth meeting last week, higher education's representatives on the panel and college officials who have followed its work closely flashed a few more smiles than they had at past meetings.

Colleges Wait for the Next Tax Bill

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Legislation Congress prepares to pass is stripped of provisions that could help -- and hurt -- higher education.

Crunch Time for Commission

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As U.S. panel prepares to meet with deadline looming, tensions rise. Can its members reach consensus?

A Stinging First Draft

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U.S. commission's preliminary report says higher education's glory days may be over without "substantial" changes.

Carrying Out the Commission's Ideas

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That was fast.

Moving with surprising speed, the U.S. Education Department plans to announce Friday that it will hold a series of regional meetings with college officials and others this fall to discuss how it might use the federal rule making process to carry out some of recommendations of the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education.

The Spellings Plan

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Secretary favors student database and grants to colleges that measure learning, but calls discussion of Pell expansion premature.


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