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The Spellings Plan

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Secretary favors student database and grants to colleges that measure learning, but calls discussion of Pell expansion premature.

The House's New Face on Higher Ed

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When Democrats won control of Congress in November, the change promised the return to power of some familiar names to many college leaders, including Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, the once and current chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and Rep. George Miller of California, who has been a visible and vocal presence as the top Democrat on the House of Representatives higher education subcommittee throughout this decade and now heads the full Education and Labor Committee.

Jumpstarting the Higher Ed Act

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Both houses of Congress gear up activity this week, aiming to pass sweeping college bill in 2007.

Education Dept.'s New College Chief

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The White House and the Education Department announced late Tuesday that President Bush has nominated Diane Auer Jones, a seasoned Washington policy expert with significant campus experience, to be assistant secretary for postsecondary education, the department's primary higher education job.

A Washington Mystery

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With high-stakes vote on student aid budget looming, fraudulent "talking points" memo brings accusation of a "dirty trick."

Inequity in Post-Katrina Funding

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U.S. support to colleges continues to lag and the neediest colleges aren't getting their due, says report from group focused on access to education in the South.

Facelifts for the Facebook Generation

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Universities are starting to boost their online presence with Web 2.0 approaches, from blogs to more video -- and soon, maybe even social networking.

Higher Ed Dips Into the Pork Barrel Again

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Annual Pig Book report reveals some $17.2 billion in earmarked spending this fiscal year, with plenty of it to go around for higher education.

Stimulus or Hindrance?

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The University of Maine System wants stimulus money to expand its broadband network, angering a telecommunications company.

Brand for Hire

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West Virginia Wesleyan College lets commercial education providers trade on its name, making some faculty uneasy.


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