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Marketing experts praise unusual website about Oberlin

Two staffers at Oberlin, working off hours, created website promoting their alma mater. Every line features a word most colleges would never use in their marketing.

Reports find student aid shift from states to federal government

With tuition continuing to rise, College Board reports find the burden of paying for college shifting from states to the federal government.

Cornell, Stanford go big on competition for New York City campus

With a week until the deadline, universities vying for a high-tech campus in New York City are competing on vision and size but are unsure of what deciding factors will be.

Tea Party groups expect influence in elections for Michigan's public university governing boards

Tea Party groups expect to influence statewide elections to pick new members of Michigan's higher education governing boards.

Media Cool


Rob Weir offers advice on how professors should handle calls from reporters.

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It's Not Me. It's You.

After three years of appropriations cuts, public colleges use tuition increases to draw attention to what the state is no longer providing.

Navigating the Changing Topic Between States and Public Higher Education

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Hello, Aggregator

University PR offices ply the levers of new media to try to publicize the work of their researchers.

A New Brand

Several colleges have hired former corporate marketing executives to help their institutions stand out in a competitive market.


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