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Facelifts for the Facebook Generation

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Universities are starting to boost their online presence with Web 2.0 approaches, from blogs to more video -- and soon, maybe even social networking.

Higher Ed Dips Into the Pork Barrel Again

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Annual Pig Book report reveals some $17.2 billion in earmarked spending this fiscal year, with plenty of it to go around for higher education.

Stimulus or Hindrance?

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The University of Maine System wants stimulus money to expand its broadband network, angering a telecommunications company.

Brand for Hire

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West Virginia Wesleyan College lets commercial education providers trade on its name, making some faculty uneasy.

Cut From Similar Cloth

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WASHINGTON -- Education Department officials confirmed Wednesday that James Kvaal, a special assistant at the White House National Economic Council, would fill Robert Shireman's soon-to-be-vacated position of deputy under secretary. Kvaal will start Monday as a senior adviser to Shireman, and will take his title of deputy under secretary when Shireman leaves July 1.

Web Re(design)

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A cartoon ridiculing the tone-deaf design of many college home pages, published on July 30 week on the website xkcd and circulated widely in social media circles and on campuses, has highlighted the frustration many people have with what they consider to be poorly designed college websites.

The Politician as Chancellor

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If there was not an orchestrated plan to make John Morgan the next chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents, a remarkable set of coincidences resulted in the state’s deputy governor getting the job.

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Calculating How Much 'Education Pays'

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The third installment of the College Board’s “Education Pays” series concludes that its title still holds true. But that’s not persuading critics of its validity.

College graduates earn increasingly higher wages than high school graduates and are more likely to be employed, and more likely to receive health insurance and pension benefits from their employers; they are also more active citizens and engaged parents, and maintain healthier lifestyles, according to the report.

Reframing College Completion

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In 2 papers, D.C. think tank calls for U.S. to encourage cross-state higher ed collaboration and for focus on mobility over institutional productivity and the credit hour.

A Lack of Leadership

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Obama, governors and campus chiefs must do much more to achieve college completion goal and close educational gaps, 3 policy groups say.


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