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One university won't open its doors. Another declines to show a documentary. It isn't personal, but fears over IRS rules and perceived bias are at the heart of recent Obama snubs.

Law Schools Fight Proposed Limit on Judges' Travel

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The "good government" movement in Washington has taken aim at fat-cat lobbyists, free spending campaign donors, and earmark producing lawmakers. Its latest target: judge-inviting law schools?

Does Clinton Have Copyright Problem?

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University of Richmond holds the trademark on "Solutions for America," the name for many of her campaign events.

At One University, Clashing Endorsements

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The Daily Pennsylvanian does something unusual for a college paper: It endorses Clinton. Meanwhile, Philly-area student leaders sign a joint letter supporting Obama.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Complaints

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Exhibit of photographs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Stanford U. elicited gripes over its location in the student union as well as its controversial captions.

Is Hyde Park the New Cambridge (for Mocking Liberal Academics)?

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Barack Obama has a Harvard law degree, but Republicans are focusing in on his Chicago neighborhood -- and its famous university -- as the way to tag him as liberal. What would Saul Bellow say?

Campus Battlegrounds for the Fall

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With presidential candidates solidified, campus Democrats and Republicans begin to plot their campaigns to reach the student vote -- with Obama and McCain both facing challenges.

Analyzing the Youth Vote

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Gathering considers why students will turn out (or not) this fall.

McCain Comes Out Against Affirmative Action

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In reversal of earlier position, candidate backs state ballot measures to bar public colleges and universities from considering race in admissions and hiring.

Dispatches from Denver, Day 3

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At the Democratic National Convention, faculty are studying the dynamics of power by focusing on protesters, karaoke performers -- oh, and the delegates, too.


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