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So What About Those Student Voters?

With many on campuses flocking to the polls, some were frustrated by long lines and other voting obstacles.

On Historic Day, Political Scientists Take the Long View

How do academics respond to a unique, precedent-shattering election? Insist it was predicted by entirely ordinary models.

Colleges Plan for Obama Inaugural

Colleges and universities will celebrate and observe the upcoming presidential inauguration -- on campus and in Washington.

Making Human Rights More Scientific

AAAS launches group aimed not only at protecting rights of scientists, but of bringing scholarly expertise to broader humanitarian efforts.

Mixing Partying and Politics

As they fête Obama's historic inauguration, advocates for historically black colleges urge the president-elect to prioritize them in his stimulus package.

Anti-Israel Prof Loses Post at Bard

Joel Kovel denounces process to faculty colleagues, but some point to his disorganization or the economy as being more decisive than his politics in the case.

Protest Ends with 'Whoops'

As of early Friday, everything was going according to plan.

Discouraging Jeerers

Controversial visitors to U. Chicago and Temple provoke angry crowds, inside the lecture hall.

Professor in Chief

Obama's critics have again taken to deriding his professorial past, shedding light on longstanding stereotypes about academe.

Old School Shimer

Shimer College’s new interim president signaled efforts Tuesday to end a contentious chapter at the small Chicago-based institution, pledging to uphold traditions many had seen as being under fire during his predecessor’s short and controversial tenure.


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