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Civic School Spirit

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In a systemwide campaign, the City University of New York is using campus spirit as an impetus for voter participation on its 23 campuses and beyond.

High Stakes in Ohio

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In a state that has seen aggressive higher education changes under the incumbent governor, colleges have a lot riding on the upcoming election for Ohio's next leader.

Election Eve Misstep

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Head of advocacy group for black colleges says that pro-Obama ad e-mailed from her organization was sent in error.

Anxious About Tuesday

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With conservatives flexing muscles, midterm election ballot measures could further limit funds for cash-strapped colleges, and spread affirmative action ban to Arizona.

Competition or Set-Aside?

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One hundred million dollars can make a big impact -- especially at a struggling academic hospital. That’s why more than a half dozen colleges have applied for a federal grant that Senator Christopher J. Dodd (D-Connecticut) inserted into the health care overhaul bill last year. But the grant in question, which would finance construction at a university hospital, has been mired in controversy because of Dodd’s ties to one applicant: the University of Connecticut.

Ivory Tea

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Tea Party movement brews a small but feisty voice on college campuses.

Block the Vote

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College students push back as Republican-led legislatures in New Hampshire and elsewhere aim to limit student balloting.

Lobbying, But Looking Ahead

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Legislation allowing concealed carry of guns on Texas campuses seems certain to pass, and some dismayed college presidents are forced to consider how they will transition if and when the bills become law.

Rendition Under the Radar

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Law school at the University of Georgia has hired a professor who oversaw a well-known Bush-era terror case -- but so far few seem to have noticed.

Reading Tea (Party) Leaves

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Movement has made presence felt in several community college elections, but most experts don't see it becoming a major force in the sector.


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