Politics (national)

Remaining in Spain

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A few weeks after ending study abroad program in Spain for practical and political reasons, a community collegereverses itself.

Casus Belli - I

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The University of Oregon is under fire for ordering the removal of a "Support Our Troops" decal from a state-owned truck.

Disappointing Budget Blueprint

Smart Title: 
Compromise adopted by Congress contains little of what colleges want.

Hampered at Hampton U.

Smart Title: 
As students face expulsion for expressing anti-Bush views, free speech concerns surface.

The Real Bias in the Classroom

Smart Title: 
It's professors -- not students -- who need to fear being judged unfairly because of their views, new study suggests.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Smart Title: 
Watchdog group releases its annual report detailing “pork barrel projects.”

Skipping Class for a Reason

Smart Title: 
At some colleges, students and employees stayed away or organized rallies to oppose immigration restrictions.

Organizing the Campus Left

Smart Title: 
Conference on political involvement and campus activism draws 1,000 liberal students.

Mobilizing the Campus Right

Smart Title: 
At Young America's Foundation conference, college students trumpet conservative ideas and take aim at "liberal hostility."

Hooking Up, Politically

Smart Title: 
Student leaders use Facebook to advertise events and bolster group membership.


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