Politics (national)

Bringing Home the Bacon

Watchdog group releases its annual report detailing “pork barrel projects.”

Skipping Class for a Reason

At some colleges, students and employees stayed away or organized rallies to oppose immigration restrictions.

Organizing the Campus Left

Conference on political involvement and campus activism draws 1,000 liberal students.

Mobilizing the Campus Right

At Young America's Foundation conference, college students trumpet conservative ideas and take aim at "liberal hostility."

Hooking Up, Politically

Student leaders use Facebook to advertise events and bolster group membership.

Not So Hard to Vote?

Despite reports to the contrary, students who wanted to cast ballots in 2004 had little difficulty doing so, political scientists find.

Turning Blue from College Costs

A partisan pollster said that young voters think Democrats can better confront the college affordability crunch.

Displeased, Not Disaffected

Poll shows 18- to 24-year-olds are unhappy with the country’s direction and are vowing to vote in record numbers.

Crafting a Youth 'Voter Culture'

Early precinct tallies collected by two voter mobilization groups showed increased turnout among young voters from the last mid-term election in 2002, with anecdotal reports from across the nation bolstering the early findings.

The View From Ground Zero

A day after state voters endorsed a ban on affirmative action, students and others at Michigan consider impact on the campus.


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