Scholars want political theology blog post about jihad taken down; blog's editors baffled by demand

Group of scholars want a political theology blog post arguing that some leftists sympathize with jihad taken down, but the blog's editors say they're baffled by the demand.

Blogs and essays can complement but not replace each other, study finds

U. of Michigan researcher finds that different formats for assignments result in notably different qualities of writing.

New JSTOR online magazine seeks to expand access to archives

New daily online magazine from the digital archive seeks to be "where news meets its scholarly match."

International Studies Association proposes to bar editors from blogging

After the International Studies Association proposes to ban journal editors from blogging, infuriated faculty members take to their blogs.

Columbia professor raises some eyebrows with his frank approach with would-be doctoral students


A Columbia professor got very detailed on his website about what he expects of his graduate students. Some praise his clarity, but others have been taken aback by his strict rules.

Sociologists Debate Terminology for Members

American Sociological Association tries to figure out the gender choices members should get to categorize themselves -- and the process is far from simple.

Fat-shaming professor faces censure from university

University of New Mexico censures Geoffrey Miller, a psychology professor, for his infamous fat-shaming tweet. He will be barred from admissions decisions and must undergo sensitivity training.

Appeals court upholds blogging-related expulsion of student from nursing school

Appeals court upholds U. of Louisville's dismissal of a nursing student for what she shared about a patient, and backs university view that this was an academic, not disciplinary, action.

Blogs aim to bring light to hateful speech online

Blogs at two universities aim to promote tolerance by highlighting insensitive and offensive comments posted on social media.

Scholars must make their work more available and accessible (essay)

To improve our reach, academics must make our writings both more available and public-friendlier, writes Nathan Jurgenson.

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