Ryan Gosling pick-up line meme reaches academe


Satirical blogs explore whether a Hollywood sex symbol can make academic pick-up lines seem smooth.

Marketing experts praise unusual website about Oberlin

Two staffers at Oberlin, working off hours, created website promoting their alma mater. Every line features a word most colleges would never use in their marketing.

Expand Your Blog's Reach

James Mulvey offers seven tips for turning your personal project into something more.  

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Hostile Witness

The movement to label law school a scam gets a new voice -- a tenured professor anonymously describing his colleagues' cushy jobs.

Calling Off Ann Coulter

Harding U. cancels invitation to conservative commentator after alumni call her un-Christian.

Cleaning Up Their Online Acts

Colleges warn students that their Web sites could endanger their job prospects and Supreme Court nominations.

Too Much Information?

Are bloggers without tenure destined to stay that way? Not necessarily, but debate rages as Chicago rejects a prominent commentator.

Online Quicksand

A few academic bloggers may soon learn the litigious way that what’s said in cyberspace doesn’t always stay there.

After 'Grokster,' the Battle Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in MGM Studios v. Grokster continues to reverberate in the world where music and technology collide, as another file sharing network popular with college students, i2hub, followed Grokster Monday in announcing that it would shut down.

But if recording industry officials think they have definitively won the battle over the free sharing of music and video, they are mistaken, many students -- and some campus experts -- say.

Dental Pain at Marquette

Faculty members call suspension of highly ranked student blogger at dentistry school a breach of ethics.


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