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Colleges ponder the pros and cons of Pinterest as a marketing tool

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Colleges consider the pros and cons of Pinterest, the fast-growing, image-based social media website, as a marketing platform.

Campus-themed Internet memes go viral

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With the help of a young entrepreneur and thousands of willing college students, campus-specific Web gags go viral.

Giving to colleges grew 8.2 percent in 2011

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Donations to universities grew by 8.2 percent in the 2011 fiscal year, but wealthy institutions received the overwhelming majority of gifts.

Endowment returns for 2011 near pre-recession levels

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Institutional endowments for the 2011 fiscal year showed returns similar to pre-recession levels, but many still worth less than in 2007.

University of Virginia falls short of $3 billion fund-raising goal

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University of Virginia's $3 billion fund-raising campaign falls short at deadline, a victim of the economy and overly optimistic ambition.

Cornell poised to win New York City competiton after Stanford withdraws

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Cornell is expected to be named today as winner of New York City competition. On Friday, the university announced $350 million gift for effort just after Stanford withdrew.

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