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Annapolis Group survey finds high satisfaction among liberal arts college graduates

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Survey by private college group shows areas where liberal arts colleges outperform private and public universities, to reinforce differences among institution types.

Georgetown, Case Western, Rochester campaigns signal return of big fund-raising

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After 3 years during which many colleges were cautious on fund-raising goals, 3 universities roll out campaigns of at least $1 billion in October, a vote of confidence in an uncertain philanthropy environment.

Drake fund-raising campaign on track despite breaking rules

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Despite an unconventional structure and a public launch in the middle of the economic downturn, Drake U. administrators are hopeful for outcome of $200 million campaign.

JSTOR for Life

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In a pilot, universities pay a little extra so alumni can have access to the scholarly article database after they graduate.

Low-Hanging Fruit

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Educators consider how they can get "near-completers" to finish up their college degrees.

Regaining Confidence

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Fund-raising officials see U. of Southern California's announcement of $6 billion campaign as indication of optimism in the development market.

Verging on App-Aesthetic

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Colleges use quirky, game-oriented microsites to recruit prospective students and reconnect with alumni.

Cents and Sustainability

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On dozens of campuses, students vote for small fee increases intended to generate money for environmental plans.

Why the Rich Universities Get Richer

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Analysis documents gaps between the wealthiest and everyone else -- and suggests that some strategies used to build mega-endowments may not work indefinitely.


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