Graduate Science Enrollments Grow

New data show increases for total pool, women, and minority students, but drop in first-time foreign students.

Women and Science, Post-Summers

Sociologists offer unexplored issues raised by the Harvard president's comments -- and suggestions on how colleges should change.

Stopping the Clock -- Without Asking

If you are a junior professor at Princeton and become a parent, you get an extra year before tenure review -- automatically.

Fruitful Environment for Female Scientists

University-based research centers offer prospect of more gender equity than academic departments, a study finds.

Stress and the Female Faculty Member

New study says that women in academe are justified in feeling more pressure than their male colleagues.

Gender Gap in Publishing

Men are more likely than women to be authors of journal articles and influential textbooks in political science. Why?

Faux Family Friendly?

EEOC backs claim of woman that U. of California at Santa Barbara denied her tenure after she took leaves for child care.

Crushed Spirit

Female clubs that entertained male athletic recruits are being forced to change their ways or to disappear.

College Is a Time of Changes

New documentary series follows four students going through gender transformations.

More Flexibility on Tenure -- If You Ask

Report documents new options being offered at research universities to help academic parents.


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