Gender and Leadership

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Study finds that male and female community college administrators are more alike today than they were 20 years ago.

'Black Women in the Ivory Tower'

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In his landmark demographic studies of black America, W.E.B. Du Bois found that by 1880, 54 black women had earned college degrees. A new book, Black Women in the Ivory Tower: 1850-1954 (University Press of Florida), tells the stories of these women and those who followed them in the period up to the end of legal segregation in the United States. The author of the book is Stephanie Y.

The Long View on Gauging College Success

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CUNY sociologists say it takes far more than six years to see the benefits of higher education for disadvantaged students.

Faculty Gender and Student Performance

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Whether a professor is male or female has little to no effect on how a student performs in the class, study finds.

Enrollment Surge for Women

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Thanks to improved outreach efforts, engineering and technology universities are seeing a boost in female enrollments nearly across the board.

Amid Controversy, Coeducation

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As Randolph College welcomes its first male students and adjusts to new name, alumnae continue to protest the changes.

Making Women Safer on Campus

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University of Kentucky takes evidence-based approach to combating violence against women -- and early results are promising.

Philosophy and Sexism

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Essay prompts debate over paucity of women in top departments and in the pages of top journals.

Courting the Younger Business School Student

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Harvard and its competitors are busting the myth that the model M.B.A. applicant has worked five years after college.

Why Women Leave Academic Medicine

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Plenty of female basic scientists earn Ph.D.'s and start careers on medical school faculties, but barriers and unrealistic expectations make them flee in droves before they reach the pinnacle.


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