Porn as Campus Attraction

Producers of new feature offer free screenings to colleges, some of which accept. At U. of Maryland, legislators get movie blocked.

'Standing Still' as Associate Profs

English and foreign language departments promote male associate professors to full professors on average at least a year -- and in some cases, depending on type of institutions, several years -- more speedily than they promote women, according to a study being released today by the Modern Language Association. Over all, the average time for women as associate professor prior to promotion is 8.2 years, compared to 6.6 years for men.

(Somewhat) Family Friendlier

Significantly more colleges have policies to help employees maneuver work/life balance than they did in 2002, but many approaches are informal, study finds.

'Faring Well' or Disappearing?

WASHINGTON -- While women are underrepresented on the science faculties of research universities, they are more likely than men to be interviewed for tenure-track jobs and to receive job offers, and if they are hired and stay, they are at least as likely as men to receive tenure. Those are the conclusions of a study requested by Congress and released Tuesday by the National Academies.

A Dollar a Day Not to Get Pregnant

Program that pays at-risk teen girls is controversial -- and helps send some on to college.

Seeking Advice on Women in Science

Lawmakers consider impact of role models, athletics, and curriculum in attracting students.

Gender, Majors and Money

Why do men earn more than women? Educational choices could be a key factor, raising questions about what colleges should do to promote economic equity, study finds.

Rebuke for Religion-Driven Policy

Belmont Abbey College, a Roman Catholic institution, discriminated against employees by denying health care coverage for contraception, federal agency finds.

Hiring Women as Full Professors

U. of Texas has success by deciding not to wait for the pool of younger scholars to come up for advancement.

Looking to the Source

Analysis at chemistry meeting asks why some graduate departments are so much more successful than others at placing their female Ph.D.'s and postdocs in top positions.


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