Impact of Women on Search Committees

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Researchers in Spain, using rare opportunity to study randomly selected hiring and promotion panels, find gender split affects who gets full professor (but not associate) positions.

The Gender Gap on Service

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New study examines the points in their careers when academic women get more assignments than men -- and how those assignments may hold them back.

How Not to Deal With a Student Mother

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UC Davis investigates incident in which professor allegedly polled a class on how to grade a student who had just given birth.

'Getting in the Game'

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Nearly four decades after its passage, Title IX remains the object of much contention in academe and beyond -- particularly in the courts. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Delaware State University (which had intended to replace its women's equestrian team with a competitive cheer squad) became the latest of many institutions to see plans changed by a suit filed under Title IX.

Kids Are All Right

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Endicott College expands successful single-parent program, with embrace by Eastern Michigan U. and soon two others.

Inoculation Against Stereotype

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New research suggests that female students in STEM fields may be more likely to stay in the disciplines if they are taught by women or exposed to women who are succeeding. (And male students may benefit, too.)

The Professor's Night Job

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A former assistant professor of psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Calif., has sued the institution for sex discrimination, alleging that she was fired for performing in an off-campus burlesque act.

Worldwide Paradox for Women

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At global gathering of higher ed officials, some question why rising female enrollment levels aren't translating into comparable gains in the academic and non-academic work force.

MIT Again Reviews Status of Women

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University finds substantial progress since its landmark study on barriers faced by female professors -- but significant challenges remain.

What Women (Presidents) Want

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Four female academic leaders use panel to call for more representation at the top of academe.


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