Microbiologists show it's possible to achieve gender equity in scholarly presentations


American Society for Microbiology shows that a scientific group with relatively few female speakers can change things dramatically in just a few years.

West Virginia U to hire gender-gap-focused 'Wikipedian-in-residence'

West Virginia U searches for a first-of-its-kind "Wikipedian-in-residence" to increase the number of women contributors to the online encyclopedia.

Women in gaming discuss role of academics in understanding Gamergate

At a conference for women in gaming, speakers debate the role of academics in understanding movements such as Gamergate and the harassment some scholars face.

Author discusses new book about her study and participation in "figure girl" competitions

Feminist art history professor discusses book on how she came to study and participate in a form of bodybuilding called "figure girl" competitions.

Reed College considers whether its harassment rules are insufficient

Controversy leads Reed College to ask: Should colleges bar even consensual relationships between supervisors and their subordinates? Are student employees entitled to know about harassment findings in departments in which they work?

Tennessee athletics to drop 'Lady' from women's programs

U. of Tennessee angers many fans and alumni with plan to drop the "Lady Vols" logo, which supporters say is a sign of honor. But most colleges that once used such names for women's teams dropped them long ago.

Study finds female academics less likely than men to seek to make longer presentations at conferences

Study asks why women at an academic meeting are more likely than men to seek shorter time slots for their presentations.

Japanese university president laments exodus of women in science


Only 10 percent of Japanese researchers are women, but of those researchers who leave the country, 60 percent are women.

Controversy in Switzerland over university job ad seeking only female applicants


Swiss university advertises a faculty opening and invites only women to apply. Is such a move legal? Justified?

Study raises questions about why women are less likely than men to earn tenure at research universities

Study raises questions about why women are less likely than men to earn tenure at research universities. Hint: It's not research output.


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