Academic freedom

More than 1,000 Turkish scholars are under criminal investigation for signing a petition


Turkish scholars describe a growing intolerance for dissent.

Academics and academic groups respond with fury over firing of 2 professors at Mount St. Mary's

Academics respond with speed and anger after the president of Mount St. Mary's -- who advocated treating at-risk students as bunnies to drown -- fires two faculty members.

Mount St. Mary's president fires two faculty members, one with tenure

Mount St. Mary's fires two faculty members. One was tenured professor charged with lack of loyalty. The other advised student newspaper that recently exposed president's quotes about "drowning bunnies."

Wheaton in Illinois and professor it moved to fire reach agreement for her to resign

Wheaton of Illinois and professor it tried to fire over her statements about God reach deal under which she will leave.

Why did UC Riverside Fire a Tenured Professor?

The University of California has fired just a handful of tenured professors since the late 1950s -- including one late last month. Details are still hazy, but those involved in the controversial case against a well-known professor of English at the Riverside campus are breaking their silence.

Can statements of faith be compatible with academic freedom?

Wheaton of Illinois is seeking to fire a professor for violating its statement of faith. Conflict draws attention to such statements, and renews debate on whether they are compatible with academic freedom.

Florida Atlantic moves to fire Sandy Hook denier

Florida Atlantic acts after parents of a boy killed in the Newtown, Conn., tragedy accuse institution of ignoring damage caused by a conspiracy theorist on its faculty.

Disputes over a textbook's characterization of Japan's wartime actions continue

Japanese and American professors clash over a textbook's depiction of the Japanese government's involvement in a system of sexual slavery during World War II.

Academic at center of Yale controversy over Halloween costumes won't teach there again


Woman who sent controversial email about Halloween costumes -- and faced uproar over it -- decides to stop teaching at Yale University.

Survey sheds new light on faculty attitudes and experiences toward trigger warnings

Survey of literature and arts professors finds 60 percent see the practice as harmful to academic freedom -- although many favor general descriptions on a syllabus, even as they avoid labeling particular works.


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