Academic freedom

American professor suddenly fired from Zayed University

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An American journalism professor receives glowing evaluations at Zayed University, in the United Arab Emirates, and then is suddenly asked to leave his position -- and the country.

UCF professor’s e-mail accuses students of bigotry

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A professor sent a mass e-mail to all of the students in his course when some of them argued that Christianity is a superior religion. Was he right to do so?

UT-Austin scrutinizes ethics of controversial same-sex parenting study

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UT-Austin launches administrative inquiry into integrity of controversial study about children of same-sex couples.

Augustana retreat an exercise in collective governance

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Augustana College president tries to give professors a voice in institutional governance at a time when faculty members across the country feel marginalized.

Iowa State cancels class on Biblical insights for business

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After a faculty campaign, university calls off a class on applying the Bible to business.

Harvard kills courses by controversial summer school instructor

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Harvard faculty decides that a controversial economist's statements about Muslims were so offensive that his normal summer school courses should be eliminated.

Students and alumni at William Carey demand answers on dismissal of tenured faculty member

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Students and alumni at William Carey University want to know why a tenured faculty member was dismissed. Some fear it is because he taught Genesis as divine but not literal.

Article critical of transgender movement sets off debate about 'The Antioch Review'

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Essay in noted literary journal infuriates many, but college has rejected calls to remove it, citing principles of free expression.

Wyoming community college to close journalism program at center of dispute

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Wyoming's Northwest College, citing budget problems, plans to eliminate journalism program whose encouragement of aggressive student newspaper has nettled campus administrators.

Sandy Hook denier alleges union conspired with Florida Atlantic U to fire him

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James Tracy, Newtown-shooting denier and ex-professor at Florida Atlantic, alleges in a federal suit that his faculty union conspired with the institution to get rid of him.


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