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Conference called off after scholar is detained in Dubai

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After one of its faculty members is turned away from Dubai, London School of Economics pulls out of joint conference with American U. of Sharjah.

Professor's syllabus bars students from using Fox News for assignment

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Is it ever legitimate for an instructor to bar use of a "biased" news source for a class assignment?

U. of Rhode Island president issues new statement about controversial professor

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U. of Rhode Island president, criticized for his first statement about a professor's controversial tweet about an NRA leader, issues another statement.

SUNY Buffalo disbands controversial center that studied fracking

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SUNY Buffalo ends center that was accused of failing to disclose the corporate ties of its scholars.

Fordham declines to ban Ann Coulter, but her invitation is rescinded

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Fordham president rejects requests that he bar her from appearing on campus, but Republican group that invited her calls off the event.

Did Birzeit University fail to protect a professor?

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A Palestinian university is accused of not protecting a professor who has become a target of Islamist students.

Federal appeals court rejects suit over U. of Minnesota website

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Federal appeals court rejects suit against U. of Minnesota over a research center's website that called materials questioning the Armenian genocide "unreliable."

UCLA professor counseled after linking course page to political petition

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UCLA finds that a professor inappropriately included on a course website a link to a site promoting a boycott of Israel.


Rochester professor sets off debate on Rush Limbaugh

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U. of Rochester president condemns faculty member who used blog to endorse the mocking of a Georgetown student who spoke out about contraceptives.

Virginia Supreme Court blocks attorney general from going after research records

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Virginia Supreme Court shuts down state attorney general's effort to gain access to records of a researcher who believes in climate change.


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