Academic freedom

College defends professor accused of being anti-Christian

When a Polk State professor found himself accused of being anti-Christian, the college's leaders answered back -- and said he was entitled to academic freedom.

U of Minnesota responds to student complaint about posters

Should U of Minnesota have investigated and questioned the judgment of professors whose poster promoting a panel discussion on the Charlie Hebdo murders offended Muslim students?

A professor fails his entire class and his university intervenes

Professor at Texas A&M at Galveston was so frustrated with students' performance that he told them he wouldn't pass anyone and that he was done with them. Administrators had other ideas.

Theologian whose views on evolution differed from his church loses tenured job

Theologian who wrote of ability of Christians to embrace evolution loses his tenured position at Northwest Nazarene U. -- and his supporters aren't accepting the university's explanations.

Students criticize administration's response to what they term hate speech by a professor

Connecticut College professor accused of hate speech against Palestinians in Facebook post about "rabid pit bull" in Gaza. Dispute sets off debate on free expression, bias and more.

Does academic freedom mean researchers need not reveal their funding sources?

U. of Delaware won't answer a congressman's request to find out who is paying for work by a researcher who denies climate change. Is protecting such information a faculty right?

Yale professors object to 'vague' new faculty conduct policy

Yale professors oppose draft policy on their conduct that they say is vague on what they could be punished for and what the sanctions would be -- not to mention that it excludes administrators.

Oklahoma legislature targets AP US history framework for being 'negative'

Historians condemn recent attempt by Oklahoma legislature to defund AP American history curriculum for being too "negative."

UNC board panel wants to shut down center on poverty led by faculty member who criticizes conservatives

Professor who leads center on poverty repeatedly criticizes conservative leaders -- and board panel of allies of those he criticized moves to eliminate his research center.

Marquette moves to fire controversial faculty blogger

Marquette moves to dismiss controversial tenured professor who on his blog criticized a graduate student by name.


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