Academic freedom

Did Birzeit University fail to protect a professor?

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A Palestinian university is accused of not protecting a professor who has become a target of Islamist students.

Federal appeals court rejects suit over U. of Minnesota website

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Federal appeals court rejects suit against U. of Minnesota over a research center's website that called materials questioning the Armenian genocide "unreliable."

UCLA professor counseled after linking course page to political petition

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UCLA finds that a professor inappropriately included on a course website a link to a site promoting a boycott of Israel.


Rochester professor sets off debate on Rush Limbaugh

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U. of Rochester president condemns faculty member who used blog to endorse the mocking of a Georgetown student who spoke out about contraceptives.

Virginia Supreme Court blocks attorney general from going after research records

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Virginia Supreme Court shuts down state attorney general's effort to gain access to records of a researcher who believes in climate change.

Stay blocks release of documents from Boston College oral history project

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Appeals court issues stay, blocks release of documents from Boston College to British authorities investigating crimes in Northern Ireland.

Federal judge refuses to quash subpoenas for confidential records

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Federal judge refuses to quash subpoenas seeking research interviews at Boston College, but says academic freedom issues merit consideration.

New dispute between historian and Turkish-American group

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Historian at UC Davis and university’s alumni magazine won’t retract his statement about those who deny the Armenian genocide.

Grand Canyon U. hires adjuncts as full-time online faculty

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Grand Canyon University hires 98 adjuncts as full-time online professors in an attempt to boost student retention and faculty satisfaction.


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