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Harvard kills courses by controversial summer school instructor

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Harvard faculty decides that a controversial economist's statements about Muslims were so offensive that his normal summer school courses should be eliminated.

New round in debate over Ann Coulter and her right to speak at Berkeley

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She refuses to speak when university says it would be safe and insists she will appear this week. Milo Yiannopoulos says he's coming back in the fall.

Berkeley says Ann Coulter may not appear there next week

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A day after university cited safety concerns to call off a visit for next week, officials said she could come the following week.

White nationalist, backed by court order, appears at Auburn

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University barred Richard Spencer from appearing, and he said he would come anyway. With court backing, he spoke and was challenged by some in the audience and many protesting outside.

Documents show Drexel is investigating professor's tweets but it's unclear whether faculty is involved

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Documents show Drexel is investigating a professor’s controversial tweets after public backlash, but it’s unclear whether the faculty is behind the inquiry.

Image of Trump sets off dispute at Stanford

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Professor says university wouldn’t let her print image of Donald Trump -- from recording where he talked about assaulting women -- for an academic conference on Title IX. Amid growing attention to dispute, university relents.

U of Central Florida reprimands art professor over allegedly demeaning comments

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University of Central Florida reprimands a long-serving professor of art for allegedly demeaning a student.

Harvard student group promotes free expression through controversial speakers

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A new group of Harvard undergraduates seeks to highlight First Amendment rights by inviting the most controversial speakers possible to address the campus.

Drexel Faculty Senate looks into professor's controversial tweets

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Drexel Faculty Senate is looking into professor's comment on Twitter about wanting to vomit when he saw a passenger in first class on a flight give his seat to a soldier.

Christian professors circulate letter pledging support to marginalized and vulnerable students

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Liberal campus criticisms of the Trump administration and broader political environment are a dime a dozen. So a new denunciation of promised deportations and other rhetoric from faculty members at Christian and Catholic colleges stands out.


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