Academic freedom

Rutgers Graduate School faculty takes a stand against Academic Analytics

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Rutgers professors vote a second time to seek access to and limits on use of data from Academic Analytics -- as faculty advocates vow to take such criticism to other campuses.

Minnesota Faculty Senate ponders policy making free speech 'paramount'

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Minnesota Faculty Senate mulls statement making free speech a “paramount” value, but critics wonder whether the pledge as written condones hate speech. A separate proposed policy would create an on-campus free speech advocate.

George Mason Faculty Senate asks university to hold off on Koch-funded law school renaming

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George Mason Faculty Senate, citing provisions that professors say give inappropriate influence to donors, asks institution to hold off on renaming law school after the late Antonin Scalia under Charles Koch-funded agreement.

Students and faculty members rally behind Hope College president, who may be ousted

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Students and faculty members fear the president they admire, who has focused on liberal arts and moved away from hostility toward gay people, may be ousted.

Reports circulate that American of Beirut has blocked a permanent appointment

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Reports are circulating that administrators at American University of Beirut have blocked his appointment to a permanent position there. UPDATE: University says search featured "significant procedural violations."

Oberlin professors condemn colleague's controversial remarks, others defend them

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Oberlin professors condemn a professor's anti-Semitic remarks on social media; others refuse to do so.

Scholars who study Hinduism and India face hostile climate

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Highly respected professors face intimidation, threats and smear campaigns for deviating from the views of the Hindu right.

AAUP critiques Education Department crackdown on sexual assault and harassment

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AAUP attempts to reframe debate and put focus on due process and the importance of faculty freedom of speech.

Speech at Virginia Tech renews debate over 'The Bell Curve,' race and academic freedom

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The book and a planned appearance at Virginia Tech by one of its authors set off a debate over race, academic freedom and the role of a university president.

U of California considers revised intolerance policy

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U of California, which has seen divisive debates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on its campuses, abandoned draft policy last year amid First Amendment concerns. The university is trying again.


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