Academic freedom

Oberlin professors condemn colleague's controversial remarks, others defend them

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Oberlin professors condemn a professor's anti-Semitic remarks on social media; others refuse to do so.

Scholars who study Hinduism and India face hostile climate

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Highly respected professors face intimidation, threats and smear campaigns for deviating from the views of the Hindu right.

AAUP critiques Education Department crackdown on sexual assault and harassment

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AAUP attempts to reframe debate and put focus on due process and the importance of faculty freedom of speech.

Speech at Virginia Tech renews debate over 'The Bell Curve,' race and academic freedom

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The book and a planned appearance at Virginia Tech by one of its authors set off a debate over race, academic freedom and the role of a university president.

U of California considers revised intolerance policy

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U of California, which has seen divisive debates on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on its campuses, abandoned draft policy last year amid First Amendment concerns. The university is trying again.

Does academic freedom protect falsehoods?

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Academic freedom is supposed to protect unpopular views. A case involving an Oberlin professor who claimed that ISIS is really the CIA and Mossad asks whether that freedom extends to falsehoods.

U of Missouri board votes to fire Melissa Click as assistant professor

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Dismissal is linked to two incidents -- both videotaped -- in which the professor was involved in protests. Faculty leaders say that board violated due process and university procedures.

U of Houston Faculty Senate suggests changes to teaching under campus carry

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Is teaching under campus carry still teaching? New guidelines from the Faculty Senate at U of Houston ask the question, with suggestions such as dropping controversial course content for safety concerns.

Williams College blocks a controversial speaker from appearing on campus

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College says John Derbyshire's statements constitute hate speech, so student group is blocked from playing host to him on campus.

UC Irvine moves to reject endowed chair gifts from donor with strong opinions about the study of Hinduism

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UC Irvine moves to reject gifts for endowed chairs from group that has strong opinions -- too strong -- about the study of Hinduism and a desire to influence who would be hired.


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