Academic freedom

In Hungary and Russia, Western-style universities are under threat

Western-style universities are challenged in Hungary and Russia. Is one university being punished for its ties to George Soros, and another for its gender studies courses?

AAUP report says adjunct professor was likely fired for insisting on rigor in courses

AAUP report concludes that a professor at Community College of Aurora was likely fired for refusing to compromise on rigor in his courses as part of a "student success" initiative.

U Chicago committee proposes ways of dealing with those who shout down invited speakers

As colleges debate what to do about shouting down of speakers, faculty panel at U of Chicago issues a report calling for "free speech deans on call," punishments in some cases and process for removing protesters from events.

Shouting down of a controversial speaker at McMaster raises new concerns about academic freedom in Canada

Shouting down of a controversial speaker -- a professor who opposes the use of gender-neutral pronouns -- at McMaster University raises new concerns about academic freedom.

Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue a joint statement against 'campus illiberalism'

Ideological odd couple Robert George and Cornel West issue joint statement -- attracting thousands of signatures -- in wake of shouting down of a speaker at Middlebury.

How a controversial speaker drew protests but was able to give his talk at Franklin & Marshall

On the same day Charles Murray was shouted down at Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall hosted a speaker opposed by some Muslim students and others. They protested, but didn't disrupt. And he spoke.

Middlebury president vows 'accountability' for those who disrupted lecture and attacked professor

College will investigate those who engaged in "acts of disruption and violence."

Middlebury engages in soul-searching after speech is shouted down and professor is attacked

New details on shouting down of a speaker add to the soul-searching: professor was attacked after event; nonstudents were among those involved; president vows to promote value of free expression.

Middlebury students shout down lecture by Charles Murray

Middlebury students chant and shout to prevent Charles Murray from speaking. He later is led to a private location, where a discussion with a professor is livestreamed. After the event some attack car carrying Murray and a professor.

International relations scholars meet against backdrop of Trump's presidency and travel ban


International relations scholars meet in the shadow of Trump's presidency and his temporarily halted travel ban.


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