Academic freedom

A Step Toward Dismissal

The University of Colorado has started a review that could lead to the termination of Ward Churchill, a tenured professor whose comments on 9/11 have created a huge controversy.

Phil DiStefano, interim chancellor of the university's Boulder campus, announced the review at a special meeting of the University's Board of Regents called to discuss Churchill.

Aborted Speech

Citing death threats, Hamilton calls off a planned talk by a Boulder professor. Colorado's governor seeks his resignation.

Unearthing 'McCarthyism at Harvard'

It's rare for a publication to print letters to the editor about articles published more than 25 years ago. But a letter in the new issue of The New York Review of Books couldn't have been published back then.

The letter, "McCarthyism at Harvard," details the experiences of Robert N. Bellah, an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley who previously taught at Harvard -- and ran into difficulties there in the 1950s because of his brief membership in the Communist Party while a Harvard undergraduate in the late 1940s.

Professors Targeted by Hate Group

An anti-Semitic Web site is publishing photographs and biographies of Jewish faculty members at UCLA's law school.

The Poster Child Who Can't Be Found

A criminology course at the University of Northern Colorado is the setting for one of David Horowitz's favorite stories.

As he tells it, a required essay on a mid-term exam was for students to "explain why George Bush is a war criminal." A student submitted an essay on why Saddam Hussein was a war criminal and she received an F.

Tattered Poster Child

The Colorado student David Horowitz loves to talk about does exist, but university officials offer evidence that her story doesn't check out.

A Deal Collapses

The University of Colorado and Ward Churchill were on the verge of a deal for him to quit when talks fell apart after plagiarism charges emerged.

A Fight Over Fundamentalism

Alumni and faculty members at Louisiana College are locked in a battle with trustees over the institution's future.

Academic Freedom Wars

In Florida, legislation advances against "leftist totalitarian professors," while Columbia president frames debate on faculty rights and responsibilities.

Churchill Survives -- For Now

The Colorado professor's controversial speech won't cost him his tenured job. Plagiarism allegations still might.


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