Academic freedom

Adjunct in E-Mail Uproar Quits

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With Warren County Community College's board poised to determine his fate, controversial instructor resigns.

Evolution, E-Mail and Kansas

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University reviews new course after learning of professor's anti-intelligent design comments.

Casualty of Anti-War Activism

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Suit charges that professor's tenure bid was derailed over body counts he posts in a hallway.

Half a Loaf at Hampton

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Participants at liberal event avoid expulsion, but new gay rights group left in limbo on right to form.

Dental Pain at Marquette

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Faculty members call suspension of highly ranked student blogger at dentistry school a breach of ethics.

Web of Lies

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A law professor who became a conservative cause célèbre resigns after parts of his story unravel.

Under Attack -- Literally -- in Kansas

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Police investigate roadside assault on professor who planned course critical of intelligent design.

No Convictions for Al-Arian

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Professor fired by U. of South Florida found not guilty on some charges, renewing debate over his dismissal and academic freedom.

Should All Beliefs Be Worn on Sleeves?

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Bellarmine University is divided over what to do about a student who wears a Nazi-related armband.

The Culture Wars of 2005

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Many experts think the '80s fights over curriculum were nothing compared to today's battles over Iraq, patriotism, God and evolution.


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