Academic freedom

Should All Beliefs Be Worn on Sleeves?

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Bellarmine University is divided over what to do about a student who wears a Nazi-related armband.

The Culture Wars of 2005

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Many experts think the '80s fights over curriculum were nothing compared to today's battles over Iraq, patriotism, God and evolution.

Do Ag Profs Need Tenure?

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U. of Arkansas division plans to shift new hiring to renewable 1-year contracts -- and faculty are outraged.

Standing Up for Academic Freedom

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MLA delegates take stands against Academic Bill of Rights but moderate their views a bit for public consumption.

Legal Pressure

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Clinical law professors, who often stick their necks out when picking cases, consider how to protect themselves.

More Criticism of 'Academic Bill of Rights'

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Members of the American Historical Association voted Saturday to condemn the Academic Bill of Rights as an attack on academic freedom. The unanimous vote reflected widespread anger in the association, and among academics generally, about the Academic Bill of Rights, which has become a conservative cause in many state legislatures and on many campuses.

But the vote followed another one in which the association rejected a proposal to replace the resolution condemning the Academic Bill of Rights with one that also criticized campus speech codes.

Retractions From David Horowitz

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Conservative critic of academe admits he has no evidence for two stories he uses to allege professorial bias.

Research Freedom v. National Security

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A government sponsored committee discusses biological studies after  9/11.

The New Class Monitors

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Ignoring faculty objections, group at UCLA offers students money to tape professors and pass along course materials.

Guilt by Phone Association

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Articles in neoconservative paper about a Palestinian scholar prompt Zionist group to seek boycott of Brandeis.


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