Academic freedom

American Studies on Offense and Defense

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Scholars consider how to get more engaged in the political process -- and how to fend off attacks on what they do.

Access to Critical Blog Blocked

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Web site devoted to scrutiny of former leader of College of Southern Nevada is shut down there and (temporarily) at his new institution.

A Call to Defend Academic Freedom

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Leading academics band together to decry outside interference in tenure reviews, especially in cases involving scholars of the Middle East.

Michigan Keeps Link to Controversial Publisher

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University press faced criticism for distributing books published by leftist outfit but decides to maintain its ties, while also drawing up guidelines for such relationships.

Defining Academic Freedom for 2007

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AFT statement aims to reflect – and to promote strategies for fighting – challenges of faculty life today, especially off the tenure track.

Muzzling a Watchdog?

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Member of CUNY faculty union's board sues emeritus professor for $2 million over Web site that tracks -- and criticizes -- the union. Both sides say academic freedom is at stake.

Barnard Tenures Scholar Opposed by Massive Campaign

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Nadia Abu El-Haj was attacked by supporters of Israel over her book on archaeology in Israel, but wins promotion.

Fight Over Tenure and Faculty Rights

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Professors at Del Mar say interim president is rewriting the rules and writing away their job security; he says he's trying to promote standards. Battle shifts to court today.

'Fundamentally Inconsistent' With University Values

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Organizers of the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund hoped to turn their new program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign into a Hoover Institution of the Midwest, a model for getting more free market ideals and ideological diversity into major research universities.

Sending in the Class Monitor

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Brandeis professor fights university decision that he violated anti-bias policy after using a word some students found offensive. He says word was used for historical illustration.


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