Academic freedom

Offend 2 Students, Lose Your Job

An adjunct says that sharing his master's thesis on pornography with his class left him without any more teaching assignments.

Casus Belli - I

The University of Oregon is under fire for ordering the removal of a "Support Our Troops" decal from a state-owned truck.

Brawl at Brown Over Who Owns Research

Brown moves to assert more rights to faculty inventions, and some professors are unhappy.

Speech Interrupted

David Horowitz was hit in the face with a pie -- the third recent food attack on conservative speakers at Midwestern campuses.

College and Baptists Split Over Gay Issues

Virginia Baptists have severed ties to Averett University.

Federal Art Critics

Columbia College Chicago had some unexpected guests at a gallery opening: Secret Service agents.

Playing Defense and Offense

Leaders of the AFT's college unions plan opposition to David Horowitz, cooperation with the NEA, and new organizing efforts.

Web Site That Went Too Far

An AAUP report shows how an award-winning professor and his department chair lost their jobs over online criticism of Cumberland College.

The New Pope

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI Tuesday, has a history of clashes with Catholic colleges and theologians.

Layers of Meaning

The U. of Texas thought it was just updating its policies on faculty responsibilities. But in the age of David Horowitz, things aren't so simple.


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