Academic freedom

Anti-Catholic or Just Art?

Washburn U. statue of church figure did not violate Constitution, federal appeals panel concludes.

Far Away Trial

Duke grad student from Turkey faces charges in Armenia; human rights groups see censorship at play.

Professors Behind Bars

U. of Wisconsin faces criticism for being unable to immediately fire faculty members who are convicted of crimes.

Convicted, But Free, in Armenia

Court finds Duke U. grad student guilty of trying to illegally transport books but suspends his sentence.

Doctrinal Differences

Professors at Catholic colleges attacked for their stances on Schiavo case.

Victory for Churchill or Reprieve?

Inquiry by faculty panel at Colorado apparently clears professor on two charges and asks for additional study of seven others.

Why Is Huda Ammash Behind Bars?

American academic groups push for the release of most prominent woman in Iraqi science.

New Challenge to Evolution

Christian schools sue University of California for refusing to certify high school courses that teach creationism or "intelligent design."

A Gag on Public Faculty?

A dispute in the Los Angeles D.A.'s office -- now reaching the U.S. Supreme Court -- could limit the rights of professors at state and local colleges.

Calling Off Ann Coulter

Harding U. cancels invitation to conservative commentator after alumni call her un-Christian.


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