Academic freedom

A Book on Hold

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U. of Michigan Press halts -- but may resume -- distribution of book published in Britain arguing that creation of Israel was a mistake.

Michigan Resumes Distribution of Anti-Israel Book

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University cites academic freedom issues -- and also says that nature of book will prompt reconsideration of relationship with British publisher of the work.

At Variance with the Vatican

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Church investigation of Georgetown U. theology professor's book raises concerns about academic freedom.

Hoover in the Heartland

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Alumni provide funds for U. of Illinois to promote capitalist thought, with goal of creating public university equivalent of Stanford think tank -- and spreading model elsewhere. Some professors are alarmed.

Mr. Rumsfeld Goes to Stanford

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University's professors take to the (virtual) streets after the Hoover Institution announces its newest distinguished visiting fellow, the former secretary of defense.

Catholic Character

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After years of planning, a new generation of ideological colleges takes shape, in purposeful counterpoint to traditional institutions they see as having lost the way.

Adjuncts and God: Why Are 2 Instructors Out of Jobs?

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Instructor at Southwestern Community College says he lost job for not taking Bible literally. Colorado AAUP says instructor lost job for taking faith too seriously.

When Professors Can't Get Along

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The American Association of University Professors -- a champion of open debate and free exchange -- is having some difficulties with the nature of debate in its own (virtual) house.

Supreme Court Potpourri: Free Speech and Sex Harassment

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Justices decline to hear several college cases, letting stand decisions involving a campus preacher's First Amendment rights and a soccer coach's alleged mistreatment of a female player.

Desmond Tutu, Persona Non Grata

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U. of St. Thomas decides that the Nobel laureate’s past comments on Israel were “hurtful” to some Jews and so blocks invitation he had accepted to speak on campus.


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