Academic freedom

A Curricular Debate: Classic or Retro?

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Advocates for traditional curriculum spark debate at meeting of academics who view the core as where the action used to be.

Bias Seen in Bias Studies

Smart Title: 
New analysis questions legitimacy of slew of reports finding that professors' liberal inclinations create classroom unfairness.

The First New Orleans Verdict

Smart Title: 
Our Lady of Holy Cross found to have violated rights of professor who was fired for pushing salary plan president opposed.

A Speech and its Aftermath

Smart Title: 
Jimmy Carter's visit to Brandeis sets off debate about controversial ideas, balance and academic freedom.

$600K for Fired Professor

Smart Title: 
Jean Cobbs, with backing from academic groups, said Virginia State revoked her tenure for her defense of colleagues and her politics.

Shooting the Messenger

Smart Title: 
Harvard scholar documents costs of caring for soldiers hurt in Iraq, and Pentagon reacts -- by attacking researcher and changing U.S. Web sites.

Dissecting a Deal

Smart Title: 
New book examines the pact between Berkeley and Novartis -- and finds that the controversy may have been more important than first recognized.

Tobacco on Trial in California

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Regents tabled a decision on banning tobacco funding, but they may have done so without having all the information.

Banned in Akron

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Administrators bar selection of noted writer's work for freshmen to read because he was once in jail.

$500 Fines for Political Profs

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Faculty members who speak on controversial topics would pay -- literally -- under bill approved by Arizona Senate panel.


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