Academic freedom

The New Class Monitors

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Ignoring faculty objections, group at UCLA offers students money to tape professors and pass along course materials.

Guilt by Phone Association

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Articles in neoconservative paper about a Palestinian scholar prompt Zionist group to seek boycott of Brandeis.

Scientific Discourse or Prior Restraint?

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Researchers sought to hold up publication of a study on logging and forest regeneration they say is flawed.

A New Baptist Higher Education

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Incoming president at Mercer U. says religious institutions can embrace academic freedom and still keep their values.

Faith on the Quad

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Scholars issue draft "declaration" calling for expanded role of religion in curriculum and student life -- at religious and secular colleges.

Boycott Backlash

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AAUP condemns boycotts -- and faces criticism for invitations to backers of sanctions against Israeli universities.

A Holocaust Denier Resurfaces

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Tenured Northwestern professor enrages many by backing claims of Iran's president.

Fiasco at AAUP

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Conference on academic boycotts postponed following revelation that anti-Semitic article was accidentally distributed to participants.

Intellectual Diversity or Political Repackaging?

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South Dakota House passes bill some see as model for other states -- but that colleges and professors oppose.

Muhammad Cartoon Crossfire

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A Minn. community college adjunct is told to keep images off bulletin board; Illinois and Chapel Hill student papers set off debates.


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