Academic freedom

Georgetown Law's New Precedent

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Jenny Woodson is no stranger to controversial causes. It's just that the first-year law student didn't expect that, at the most stressful time of her year, she'd be at the center of a divisive case about adherence to religious principles.

Can Academic Freedom and 'at Will' Employment Co-Exist?

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Bastyr University violated the academic freedom of three faculty members when their contracts were not renewed, by failing to have adequate grievance procedures, and by failing to provide tenure or any meaningful job security, according to an investigation by the American Association of University Professors.

(Virtual) Exile in Hawaii

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Professor sues after university restricts him from campus while it investigates complaints of his "intimidating" behavior.

Intellectual Diversity or Intellectual Insult?

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Missouri House bill would force colleges to report on campus climate, with suggestion that they protect Biblical inerrancy.

Stage Fright

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Yale limits weapons in student theater, angering students in the productions.

Loss for Whistle Blowers

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Ruling by U.S. appeals court could undermine public college lawyers and employees who spot illegal or unethical activity.

Freedom to Discuss Virginia Tech?

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Emmanuel College dumps instructor -- setting off debate over academic freedom, due process and profanity.

Explaining an Exodus

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High turnover at a Louisiana Baptist college leads to questions about how academic freedom and mission can co-exist.

Professor of Hate?

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Civil rights group releases study of Cal State professor with controversial views on Jews, whites and immigration. Should his university care?

Stacking the Deck?

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Appointment of harsh critic to U.S. panel that reviews accreditors seen as part of broader effort to alter federal role in college oversight.


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